Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Paintball

Sure, you can spend your time watching a Philosophical TV show or reading a boring magazine and watching some useless stuff on your social media, but is it all worth it?

Or you think you should spend a free day having fun with your friends, take a bit of well-meant revenge, maybe shoot a few people in your group whom you love to play with.

Do you feel down or low and feel like life has taken up all the happiness from you, leaving you as a severe and rigid person?

A little array of happiness can break the piles of months old burdens and can kill the boredom that was killing you.

You may take a deep breath and decide on a play that can shake those piles and allow you to feel a free bird again. And when you opt for an outdoor game, there could be nothing better than paintball.

Paintballing is super-famous worldwide, and the question is, why are people so obsessed with this game?

Is it beneficial for health? Or are we just wasting our time and money on a not-so-worthy game?

The answer to this question is a simple one. Yes, indeed, it is. Why? Let the article explain.

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Health Benefits

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Being healthy is something every human yearns for because it allows you to live longer and easier than if you were unhealthy.

Furthermore, health benefits can also be divided into two distinct categories:

  1. Physical health benefits that are directly advantageous to your body
  2. Psychological health benefits that improve your mental and emotional state

The fact that paintball provides both a physical and an emotional uplift is inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in something good for both your body and mind?

Without further ado, let’s get into ten of these health benefits, beginning with the most obvious, physical ones.

Physical Health Benefits


1. Exercise

Exercise is an integral part of maintaining the health of a body. Without exercise and regular use of your muscles, they deteriorate, and you become weaker and weaker.

But most of us don’t really have time to go to the gym or make up an exercise routine with the busy lives we lead, with school, work, family… it’s hard to find time to even make an exercise routine, let alone follow it.

Even other than that, others are just too lazy to stick to a routine they’ve made.

Paintball is useful in helping us out in that regard. It provides a full-body workout because you end up doing all sorts of actions, such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Running
  • Shooting
  • Crawling
  • Diving
  • Dodging
  • Squatting

Not only do these stretch your body to the limit, but it turns out you don’t even notice!

This sport is so fast-paced and strategic that you get caught up in the entire game right until the end, without noticing you are using every part of your body.

In truth, most players don’t even consider this exercise because it is a more enjoyable way of toning up your muscles and making sure you get your daily dose of a full-body workout.

2. Variety to Regular Routine

How could this be a health benefit? The question is valid because, in truth, variety is just the ‘spice of life’ and not something that provides a tangible difference.



Variety to your daily exercise routine, and even a lot of difference from a life of laziness, is a very essential part of life.

Indeed, spicing up your routine can provide more benefits than you could imagine.

Suppose you go to a gym regularly, do the same exercises every single day, and there’s absolutely nothing new in your life.

That sounds boring. And it’s not just your mind that thinks this is boring, but your body as well.

Your body gets used to a type of exercise or a routine you follow the longer you keep it the same. It adjusts to the difference from your everyday lifestyle and adapts, turning your body back to normal functioning.

You don’t want that. You want your body to strain during exercise so that it actually affects your body’s health and makes it better.

And for that, I present to you paintball. Even if you play it every day, paintball is so varied in its requirements and diverse in what should be done that it is a new experience for your body every time you play.

This is no monotonous exercise to trudge through, bored out of your body and mind, but an ever-changing battlefield that pushes your body to the limit and never leaves you wanting.

Taking a break from your daily activities to play paintball isn’t something that will bring your efforts down. In fact, it is something that will supplement your attempts to build up a robust and healthy body.

3. Increased Endurance and Strength

Strength and endurance – two sides of the same coin, and aspects of your body you forever want to improve.

It’s always gratifying to be the strongest one at arm-wrestling or being able to lift something heavy when others struggle with it and being able to keep that up for a long time.

It’s nice to be the strongest, whether you’re a man or a woman. Strength and stamina have, and always will be, critical aspects of survival.

Paintball is crucial in that aspect.

In your regular exercise routine or through your visit to a gym, you might only be targeting specific parts of your body that need strengthening. In paintball, you target all your muscles while they work in tandem.

Paintball builds muscles in your arms, legs, and core, and as your body actively participates for an extended period of time, you get used to straining your muscles as well, increasing endurance and stamina.

In addition, playing paintball requires you to run around and crouch at the weirdest times to avoid your opponents’ shot at you. This strengthens your legs from all the exertion of sprinting.

Other parts of your body that are strengthened are your arms from lugging around your gun and shooting it. Your core is amplified when you continuously stabilize your body even with all the unbalancing physical factors such as equipment.

4. Weight Loss

Body image is important, and not only to look suitable for other people. It’s important to look good for yourself as well.

One of the most significant aspects of body image is your weight. When you’re the slightest bit overweight (even if you don’t care), the world notices. And sometimes the pressure gets to you.

And even if the pressure doesn’t get to you, being overweight isn’t healthy.

The only response that is left is to lose weight. It is here that paintball comes in.

With the intense exercise that comes with playing this game and the variation of your routine that further stimulates your body to burn calories, weight loss is not such a challenging goal to aim for.

Moreover, after a long day playing paintball, both your body and mind are exhausted, and you end up sleeping at a healthy hour of the night, improving your sleep cycle, and through that, your metabolism.

When your metabolism is improved, you burn calories more efficiently, which allows for even easier weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a circular jump into a better life for yourself, which also includes a lower risk of blood pressure problems and heart disease, which are two very terrifying risks to your body.

5. Outdoor game

Paintball is generally an outdoor game. Sure, it can be playing on an inside field, but the best experience is always outside.

The terrain can be natural or generated specifically to challenge the players but playing outside changes everything.

Not only does the mock military exercise seem more genuine, for it mirrors reality with uncanny preciseness, but it also provides some advantages in the health department that otherwise, you would not receive.

Being outside near nature improves your mood and your lifestyle and allows you to be in direct contact with the sun’s rays as well, giving a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Furthermore, as you are exposed to the elements, your immunity to possible allergens and viruses is improved as well, because your body is strengthening itself and building a barrier against those very problems.

Building a better immunity also provides the benefit of improving one’s overall health. This lowers the risk of health problems and enhances the body’s reactions to the environment and adaptability in the wild.

This adaptability helps you survive and adjust. It helps you evolve.

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6. Dexterity


Precision. Quick Thinking. Reflexes.

All these are skills important to succeed even in the adult world. Whether you are a cut-throat entrepreneur or a part-timer looking to improve their standing, these skills are vital in creating the opportunities you require to further your career.

All these can be traced back to the base skill of dexterity.

Dexterity in both mind and body will lead to better lives and better decisions.

Dexterity in both body and mind can help you succeed in this world, climb up from the bottom to the very top.

Dexterity in both body and mind is easily honed by playing paintball.

Paintball is not just a purely physical trial of whether you are better at shooting or your opponents are.

It is also a battle of the mind. It is a war with strategy, a clash of quick thinking.

Paintball is war, and if you can win this battle, you can win any war.

But you may wonder, how does one inculcate these brilliant skills into a small game of paintball?

The answer is easy.

  • Precision – In paintball, shooting requires precision. Aiming requires precision. Decisions on whom to shoot require precision.
  • Quick Thinking – This is needed in every facet, from whom to shoot and where to shoot, to how, exactly, you will carry out any strategy you plan out, all in a matter of seconds.
  • Reflexes – These are able to hone a player’s hand-to-eye coordination, as well as improve their reaction time to anything that may endanger their position.

You can see why these are important to paintball and why they are essential in real life. The question that remains, however, is how these can be considered health benefits.

The answer is hidden in the descriptions.

Quick thinking and quick reflexes help in how one conducts life and allow for less time spent on making decisions or worrying about decisions. You lose less sleep over worry, and overall improve your health in that regard.

Precision and reflexes also improve hand-to-eye coordination, as mentioned above. This stabilizes your body and allows for your hands to learn good balance, which further lowers the chance for future mishaps in that category.

Psychological Health Benefits

Psychological Health Benefits

7. Teamwork

Teamwork is a significant aspect of living in a society. All your life, you will be paired with people and expected to work with them.

If your teamwork is up to par, it can help you in so many ways.

You will be able to safely depend on your team members to complete their part of the work and pick up any slack that you might personally leave. They are also able to keep you in check when you exceed your limits.

All of this is healthy for both your body as it allows your body to rest easy, but it is also significantly more useful for the peace of your mind.

When you do not have all the weight of something on your shoulders, you are able to share the worry with another person – your team member.

In paintball, this is just as important, if not more so, because ethe strategy for winning depends on every team member fulfilling their roles as part of the team.

Coordination is essential, and once you can depend on your team, you are able to continue with the game without worrying about how to carry out everyone’s roles. And if you don’t worry, you can play easy, rest easy, and smile easy.

Playing paintball in a team will not only improve your chances of surviving the game itself, but also allow you to improve your mental health by unloading a half of the worry and stress you would otherwise take upon yourself, improving your overall health.

8. Interpersonal skills and Self-confidence

Paintball is a game. A sport. It isn’t a self-improvement seminar to guide your life and your mind into a better tomorrow.

But it could serve as one.

One of the best things about playing paintball is that it’s a sport that includes and benefits every part of your life. There is physical betterment and a healthier lifestyle, and then there is also mental strengthening to help you out.

The biggest improvement is undeniably the boost to your interpersonal skills. This connects with the teamwork benefits mentioned above and adds upon that with so many more enhancements.

The fact that you improve your relationship skills and how to interact with other people may not seem a benefit to health, but it is indeed.

Strengthening interpersonal skills and confirming your leadership capabilities improves your self-confidence exponentially, and self-confidence is the most important part of mental health.

Self-confidence can help you smile easily, do what is required of you without over-worrying, and aid you in making decisions that are better for you in the long run, without second guessing on what you may be wrong.

A healthy dose of it also helps keep you in check, and you do not strain yourself or your body redoing what may already be right.

You do not doubt yourself more than necessary, and that is the most important aspect, for this decides whether your mind is strong enough to lift itself under the weight of expectations, fear, and worry.

In playing paintball, you face all of that, and you move past it, improving your interpersonal skills through interaction and through that as well as winning, your self-confidence, which ensures you a healthy mind.

9. Stress Relief

Everyone has stress in their lives. Working professionals, students, parents. People everywhere face the frustration and anxiety that comes with living in this world and working for what matters.

To a certain extent, stress regulates your actions and allows you to do better. It can enable you to complete your deadlines, do your work on time, distribute your schedule so you can spend time with your family.

Unfortunately, these days, stress has an entirely new meaning.

Stress these days has walked past the still-healthy line and right into the my-mind-is-breaking territory.

Nothing’s fun about being frustrated and out of your mind about something that may even be completely insignificant.

Stress can destroy your mind and your health, and after that, your body, too, if you don’t care to reduce it to a manageable amount.

For that, the answer is right in front of you, paintball.

Paintball is a game you can play with multiple people. It’s an escape from real life, from the stress that comes with it.

Through this game, you can shoot your frustrations away, enjoying the heady sense of winning or the burning competitiveness for just one more round that comes with losing.

When you play this game, your brain releases endorphins and adrenaline.

Adrenaline propels you to move harder, faster. It drives you to win and survive, and winning has a brilliant sensation of its own.

On the other hand, endorphins fill your body with calm and eliminate the mental stress that you may be facing, providing you with a happy, healthy psychological state at the end of a game of paintball.

10. Fun


Some people wonder why fun is even on this list. It doesn’t sound like a health benefit.

Psychologically, it might be the biggest benefit of them all, for it ties in with all the other benefits already mentioned.

Having fun promotes interpersonal relationships to a large degree, especially since you begin to associate memories of fun times playing paintball with the people with whom you played paintball.

This brings with it the benefits of improving your mental state with interpersonal skills and self-confidence.

More importantly, this fun also allows you to get a break from your hectic life – from work, or study, or confusing relationships.

It’s an escape from stress and a safe time to relax, improve your mental health before you have to jump into the jaws of real life once again.

You can cherish these health benefits only when you have Cool Paintball Masks, which are a combination of excellent quality, aesthetic style, and colossal snugness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the number of calories that one burns while playing paintball?

One is able to burn about 500-700 calories during standard sets- about 3 to 11 rounds. This also is contingent on the intensity of the games.

On an average, you’ll burn 8.3 calories per minute.

2. Is bringing your own paintballs to Delta Force allowed?

No, in order to ensure safety and follow protocol, you cannot bring your own paintballs to the center.

3. Is paintball a good recreation activity?

Indeed, as it is a very efficient stress and anxiety reliever and also helps in channelizing one’s Inner rage after a long week.

A Final Word

Playing paintball is difficult and time-consuming. It can hurt, sometimes, and the competitive spirit runs high in all participants.

But this game is also a treasure trove of benefits for both real life and your health.

It boosts you both physically and mentally, and, in the end, also gives you the fun you didn’t know you were missing, with a smattering of lessons you need to succeed in life.

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