Paintballing Tips for Beginners – A Complete Guide

Paintball is one of the most exciting and uplifting games being played in more than 104 countries. This exciting game excites a strong competitive spirit among individuals of all age groups, homemakers, high-school students, professionals, and even retirees; everyone shares a shared love for this thrilling game.

Sure, it’s a love for all, but what about the beginners?

As a beginner, you may feel the game is painful, and you might get injured, but it’s not the truth. You might not know what to wear and how to protect your sensitive body parts like eyes and ears from the paintball hit.

What if you don’t know the rules of paintballing before entering the battlefield? You’ll be outfield in no time.

And that’s what we never want, right?

Along with fun-loving adventures, paintballing is also an intense game where every participant tries to make the opponents’ dress dirty by shooting paintballs.

It’s an outdoor game for which a vast area is prepared with numerous obstacles to get hided from the rival team; somehow, people also try to play it in a confined space.

Hence, for this inspiring yet savage game, you need to learn the best Paintballing Tips for Beginners explained below.

protect yourself from the shooting paintball
The basic objective of this game is to protect yourself from the shooting paintball, cross the obstacles bravely, and capture the flag of the opponent team.

1. What Paintballing Exactly is:

Paintball is a very interesting and exciting sport that is very easy for both beginners and experienced ones but needs to follow some simple hacks. The rules of this game are very convenient and comfy to follow.

 In this shooting game, both teams shoot paintballs (dye-filled gelatin capsules) at the opponent team to make their clothes dirty and defeat them.

The paintball gun doesn’t shoot paintballs very forcefully, and there is no severe injury in this game. You are all allowed to hit the competitive team in this game, but the hitting doesn’t create any massive destruction.

Paintball is a game of emotions where you shoot colors all around to enjoy this ancient color sport.

Glance through the characteristics of paintball games for easy and quick understanding!

Characteristics of Paintball Game
Contactphysical contact between players is not allowed as it is considered as foul
Team Membersmembers depend upon the type of game (generally from 3-10 per team)
Typecompetitive or recreational
Venueindoor and outdoor
Equipmenta paintball gun, masks, hooper, air tank, paintballs

2. What to Wear for Paintballing:

Like many other sports, paintballing doesn’t have any restricted or shared uniform but proper attire to protect you from the ball hitting and lead you to game-winning. The following things must be considered before entering into the battlefield of colors:

  • Clothing
  • Gloves
  • Hardwear


Packing yourself in a bundle of layers is not the perfect solution; instead, it is better to camouflage yourself to face the encountering team.

If you still feel confused, check What to wear for Paintball in detail.

Check out the following things to get secured from hitting.

  • Long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Loose pants
  • Running/hiking shoes
  • Cap, a headband, or a beanie
  • Gloves that provide protection
  • Baggy clothing that allows you to stay nimble

Tip: You can wear chest/neck protectors and knee pads for extra protection. Don’t let the fun end into pain and to stay at the safe side, Read can you Get Hurt Playing Paintball.

paintball mask - clothing


Gloves help acquire a better grip on the gun and protect your hands and fingers from any injury, cuts, or rub burns.

Tip: You can wear chest protectors, neck protectors, knee pads, etc., for extra paintball protection. It will prevent you from getting hurt.


Covering your head would be the right decision as the charge is enough sensitive area, and obviously, you need to protect it. Some people wear a beanie or a headwrap, while others wear a baseball cap backward. You could wear anything you like to cover your head and to soak up the sweat.

Pro Tip: It would be best to take spare clothes or a towel with you for a ride back home as your clothes will probably be filled with mud and splatters of paint at the end of the game.

Do you also hate getting paint spilled over your face? You can go for the Best Full-Head Paintball Masks to ensure you are all covered and good to go.

3. Paintball Equipment- you need to master:

After picking up the attire, you need to gather your equipment for getting the battle. You can buy them according to your money range and choice.

The necessary equipment includes:

  • Paintball Guns or Paintball Marker
  • Face mask
  • Hopper
  • CO2 or compressed Airtank
  • Paintballs
1.Paintball Gunsassists to shoot the paintball
2.Paintball Masksprotects your face (can be customized)
3.Hoppera paintball loader that loads paintballs in a paintball gun
4.Air Tanks
(CO2 or Compressed air)

air tanks supply power to a paintball gun
5.Paintballs small spherical balls that are filled with non-toxic paint

Paintball Markers /Paintball Guns:

A paintball marker is the primary equipment of this war of joy that allows you to shoot the paintballs successfully. These guns are of various shapes and sizes, but you need to buy those you are an expert on and fall in your budget range.

Paintball guns can be of three basic types, and they all work equally well.

  • pump
  • mechanical
  • electronic


Paintball is not much hurtful if it hits on your body other than your face. Therefore, it is essential to wear facemasks, preferably goggle masks, to keep your eyes safe.

There are various types of masks available in the market for this purpose. Grab any one of them according to your size and comfort level. You can also go for customized shows.

To save the hassle of searching and researching, check our well-researched list of the Best Paintball Mask so you can purchase confidently.

Let’s ask the experts for Best Paintball Mask Brands as there’s never a compromise on quality and safety.


Hopper or a loader is a small chamber for storing paintballs until they’re fired. It helps load paintballs into the paintball guns and keeps supplying paintballs to your gun for continuous shoots.

Different hoppers contain different loading capacity since there are two types of hoppers:

  • gravity fed hoppers (feeds slow and fire rate is also slower)
  • electronic hoppers (quick and faster)

Pick any of them according to your requirement.

Air Tanks:

Air tanks of paintballs provide power and force to paintballs until it reaches its target. Air tanks come in different sizes, shapes, and weights.

There are two types of air tanks:

  • Co2 (cheaper and perfect for beginners)
  • Compressed air (expensive and for experts)


last but not least, the most crucial equipment for a paintballing game is paintball. Along with the guns, you must have the paintballs so you can play. These paints are spherical gelatin capsules that are of different colors and qualities.

You need to make sure that you buy enough paintballs for you to play for a long time. Paintballs are made up of edible and non-toxic substances. These paintballs are consist of water-soluble materials in it to avoid any toxicity.

paintball mask in action - Frame 1
paintball mask in action - Frame 2

4. What to do in Paintballing Game- Some Basic Measurements

  • All players should fill and sign the form before the game.
  • Wear proper attire for safety and security.
  • Players of both teams must wear their masks all the time during the game.
  • No one can shoot under 15 feet of distance. If opposite team members find each other less than the given length, they must get apart before firing.
  • No shooting is allowed in the dead zone or outside the play area. You can not shoot anyone while walking out of the site.
  • Make sure everyone knows the objective of the game.
  • The game starts when both teams are at their respective bases.
  • Never shoot a referee or a game official.
  • If a player has his gun and both arms above his head, don’t shoot him. It’t67s done in case of an emergency.
  • When your team has won the match by completing the task, all team players should be notified.
best paintball mask in ground

5. Paintball strategies- play with the moments:

You need to follow the stated paintball tactics to win the paintball battles.


Doing proper planning and following the set strategies is the real key to success. Teamwork, First, you need to plan the whole thing. When working in a team, every person must know what he’s doing in the game. It’s essential to establish a strategy of attack or defense. A well thought out plan is vital for the victory of your team.

  • If you don’t aim properly, then your shooting will do you no right. First, seek your target, then shoot. This action will not drag a lot of attention and eliminate the target in one go.
  • Don’t only focus on one person while in-game. Keep checking your surrounding to see if another opponent is near you to save yourself from being shot.
  • When pellets hit you, always check if the bullet broke and marked you or not because the one you’ve said you’re out, you can not change your mind then.
  • Please work in pairs as both players can have each other’s back. The players can hit different people from different angles and survive the battle.
paintball mask on ground hiding

Use cover:

Try to stay under the cover. Don’t expose yourself out in the game because you will get shot if you do that. You need to hide somewhere or stay somewhere where you will not get caught or shot. Run fast in the open and find the nearest cover to hide.

Dead man’s walk:

It is an old school trick. It is also very risky and rarely works, but it is possible. Just start walking towards the opposition casually; they may think you’re out and don’t hit you. Pick up their flag and run towards your base hurriedly. This action will leave your opponents frustrated, but you didn’t break any rules, so all is good.

Zig-zag running:

Try to maneuver your opponent by running in a zig-zag motion so that the opponent doesn’t directly aim at you and shoots you. This movement will confuse the opponent while it will give you time to escape or hit the opponent.

6. Tips to Boost up Paintball Spirit:

Some of the paintball tips and tricks that will help your team win this battle are as follows:

Have Clear Cut Idea of the Game zone:

Gain information about the game zone. If you study the mission briefly before the game starts, you’ll know the hiding spots and places to help you find cover. This way, you will be more confident in play, and your chances to win will increase.

Be careful when to Reload Gun:

If you’re lucky enough to stay in the game zone for longer than 15 minutes, then you probably need to reload your gun. Do it before your opponent shoots you.

Keep your attitude positive and must develop these skills to play the game till the last shot:

  • Good Communication
  • Have patient
  • Keep moving
  • Stay positive
  • Have fun
  • Know the rules
  • Watch the marshall

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I guarantee a definite win in paintball?

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a definite win, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. One, communicate with your team. It’s useless to think you’ll win if you guys are all running about aimlessly. Two, keep moving. Remember, a moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one. Three, keep your eyes peeled – who knows who could be ready to shoot you unless you’re paying attention.

Four, use the element of surprise. You have an easier time shooting if your enemy is frozen because you suddenly popped out from nowhere. And number five (as cheesy as it may sound), remember to have fun. It’s just a game. If you let the thought of winning crowd your mind, then you’ll forget the point of paintball, which is to have fun.

2. How many paintballs does a two hour game require?

On average, a player uses about a hundred to a hundred and fifty paintballs, so you’ll need at least 200 to 300 paintballs (give or take), depending on skill level, playing position, shooting style, game type and individual mood.

3. How can you become number one at paintball?

As for all things, you’d need the practice to get to the top, but you can keep some things in mind to get as far as you want. One, make sure that your mask will keep intact in any circumstance, that it fits perfectly to ensure the best possible advantage. Two, know your gun. Remember that it’s an extension of yourself, and thus you must use it accordingly. Three, know your surroundings. The easiest way to lose is to get confused in an arena then get taken out from nowhere. Four, take risks.

You can’t have a game without a little risk, and if all else fails, you can confuse the enemy with your weirdness and take them out. And please remember that teamwork is key. Keep communicating with your team. Be their eyes and ears, and they will be yours. 

4. If you want to play paintball for three hours, how many rounds do you need?

Well, on average, a paintball player uses up around 200 paintballs per hour played, so you’d need approximately 600 paintballs. On average, for a single player, that is. You can have more according to the number of people in the game.

5. How many paintballs does a game require?

You will need a minimum of a hundred paintballs, although you can decrease the amount depending on how many players you have.

6. How do you get total accuracy in paintball?

Although total accuracy doesn’t exist, you can find a way. Keep your gun’s barrel clean, so nothing obstructs the paintball. Make sure the paint used is smooth so that it doesn’t stick or explode in the gun. Buy a paintball of a caliber that matches your gun, or it may get stuck or not enter at all. Upgrade either the quality or length of your barrel to make sure that the paintball comes out clean and fast. And always remember – practice makes perfect.

7. What’s the minimum players required for a game of paintball?

There’s no limit on how many, but you will require at least two players. If you want to have fun, then somewhere between five and ten players is the best.

Our Summary:

If you’re a beginner at paintballing and want to learn the tips of this joyful game to make yourself experienced and perfectionist, simply follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

Develop good bonding with your teammates to improve teamwork, evolve sportsman spirit, and play paintballing passionately. Face your fear with courage and dare to achieve your target smartly. Have fun and embrace the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

“You are a beginner!! learn the tips to GLITTER YOUR PAINTBALL PLAYING DREAMS.”

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