What to Wear for Paintball: The Ultimate Guide

Clothing indeed has a powerful impact on your performance. Just as it’s important to dress appropriately for your office, events, and other sports, it’s also important to dress appropriately for paintballing.

Are you a bit confused about what to wear to the game? Or are you looking for the right attire for paintballing?

In both cases, we’ve got your answers.

Paintballing is a different kind of game that you can only play when appropriately dressed. Are you tired of low fabric quality that lets the paint sink inside your clothes? Or, you ever heard that the paintball dress was too slippery to handle during the game?

You must have because these things happen.

Sometimes, the fabric is not weather compatible, and the size is either too large or too small to give you a comfortable space to play.


You can also beat the little pain associated with a paintball by opting for the right clothing. You’ll be able to think clearly about what to wear to paintballing from all the information we are providing you in the article below.

Know what you should wear and explore the ultimate joy of playing actively on the battlefield.

What to wear to paintball:

The answer to what to wear for paintballing will be determined according to the environment you’re playing in. Whether you’re going to play paintball in an indoor setup or you’re going to play it outdoor. It also depends on what season you’re going to play paintball in, whether it’s summers or winters, or it’s rainy or dry.

The basic outfit that is recommended for paintballing is as follows:

  • T-shirt with long-sleeves
  • Loose pants
  • Running/hiking shoes
  • Cap, a headband, or a beanie
  • Gloves that provide protection
  • Baggy clothing that allows you to stay nimble
  • Mask that is paintballing approved

For head protection:

Our head is a susceptible body part that requires proper care and protection in games like paintballing. It would be best if you covered your face and your head with the appropriate equipment. Two things necessary for your head are:

  1. Mask or goggles
  2. Cap or headwear

Two things necessary for your head are Mask or goggles and Cap or Headwear.

Note: There isn’t any chance of getting hurt if you play knowingly. Reading ‘can you Get Hurt Playing Paintball’ can help ensure you don’t make any mistakes that may end in pain. 

Mask or goggles:

Firstly, you need to cover your eyes, which are the most sensitive body part. Mask and goggles help to cover the eyes and protect them from any injury from the paintball. If a paintball hits you straight in the eye, it can blind you for life. So it would be best if you protect your eyes from the paintball bullets. Goggle masks are preferred to keep your eyes safe.

There are various types of masks available in the market for this purpose. You can buy the ones you find most appropriate for yourself. Just make sure that the cover is paintball approved as your eyesight is dependent on it. And make sure that it fits your head perfectly and doesn’t slip off during the running and skipping during the battle.

What to Wear for Paintball - Masks or Googles

Cap or headwear:

The head is also a sensitive area that needs protection. During the paintball battle, you might injure your head when you roll and twist on the ground. Or you might get shot by the paintball on your head. For this reason, protecting it is the best decision. You can wear a beanie in winters or a baseball cap backward in summers to cover your head.

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For upper body protection:

You would most probably get hit by a paintball on your thorax or upper body. So you’ve got to protect it. By wearing the right clothes, you can easily do it. Your attire should be such that it not only saves you but also lets you stay nimble. For protection, you could wear steel clothes if you want, but they will make you immobile. And you don’t want that in paintballing.

Following things are recommended for protection of the upper body in paintballing:

  1. Long-sleeved clothes
  2. Gloves (fingerless for trigger control)
  3. Paintball jersey
  4. Vest

Long-sleeved shirt:

Wear a long-sleeved shirt that has a slightly thick fabric. It will help to cover your arms and thorax. If a paintball bullet hits you during your paintball battle, it will not hurt you because of your appropriate clothing.

Paintball bullets have a specific speed when they leave their markers, and if it hits you directly on the bare skin, it can cause a bruise. So, if you wear a long-sleeved shirt, your arms and body will be protected from any bruise or injury. And now it’s a rule for playing paintball. If you don’t abide by the rules, you won’t be able to play it.

What to Wear for Paintball - Long Sleeved Shirts


Gloves protect your hands. When you have to crawl on the floor, you might injure them, so wearing gloves to protect them is the right decision. Hands are the most frequently shot parts of the body, as they are exposed the most in the battle. When you hold your marker and point at your opponents, they become an easy target to hit.

If you think you lose your grip with the gloves, you should get fingerless gloves that protect your hands and affect your grip. You can control the trigger with your bare fingers while protecting your palms and wrists with the gloves.


You may also require a paintball vest in some cases. It is essential if you’re interested in getting involved in woodsball. The vest usually has several paddings that help to protect the thorax.

Some vests come with accessory parts, like multiple pockets where you can store whatever you want. You can put your wallet, keys, mobile, or other necessary things in it.

Paintball jersey:

Paintball jerseys are usually customized for this specific game. You can get your personalized jerseys and put any designs, graphics, or numbers on them for your team. These jerseys have specific fabric that helps to protect you from the paintball pellets.

Paintball jerseys also have built-in cuffs around them. These cuffs prevent any dirt and particles from entering the shirt. These jerseys can also have camouflage patterns on them, which can help in blending with the surrounding. And you could get these in vibrant or muted colors.

Paintball Jersey

For lower body protection:

Lower body protection is also necessary. You can not wear shorts or slippers for your paintball game. You need to cover your body parts adequately and take care of them. Because if you don’t, you might get hurt. There are two things that, if worn correctly, will protect your lower body parts.

  1. Loose pants
  2. Shoes

Loose pants:

In paintballing, your legs are often exposed to harsh environments. Like when you’re in the battle, you’re not only exposed to the paintball pellets, but you’re also exposed to the dirt, twigs, rough and dry surfaces. So you got to cover your legs adequately.

You need to find something to wear that you’re comfortable walking and running in. if you wear tight pants, they will leave you immobile. You want to wear something that makes you nimble. You can wear your jeans, sweat pants, cargo pants, and whatsoever you’re comfortable wearing.

You can also wear two sports pants if you want, they will give you extra protection. Some people prefer wearing knee caps to prevent getting their knees hurt. As there is a lot of kneeling, crawling, and leg work in paintballing.

It would be best if you made sure that your pants’ fabric is a little thick so that it will protect your legs. And it should be flexible to help you stay nimble during the battle.

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The quality f your shoes is also an essential factor in the game. If you wear slippers or any simple sandals, you will find difficulty in moving and running. You need to wear appropriate shoes for the game. Best paintball shoes are those that provide ankle support.

You could wear running shoes, hiking shoes, or trail runners. But make sure that all of them fit your feet properly and are not loose. As misfit shoes will slower your tread, you need shoes with adequate tread.

You can also wear your cleats in paintballing. Still, it would help if you made sure that your cleats don’t have metal spikes on their bottom because they can cause serious injury to the other players.

Just make sure that you’re comfortable in your shoes and avoid wearing shoes with open toes. In paintballing, if your toes are not well protected and you get hit by something, they can get seriously injured. And toe injuries do not heal immediately; they take weeks and sometimes months too.

Other accessories:

There are some other things through which you can enhance your body protection, and you can also disguise yourself in your surrounding with it. These accessories can differentiate you from your opponents, and they may help you win too if you’re good at the game.

These accessories include,

  1. Ghillie suits
  2. Camo suits
  3. Pod packs
  4. Protection pads

Ghillie suits

In paintballing, wearing the ghillie suit is allowed to disguise a person in its surroundings. It is now very comfortable to wear, and many prop players even use it to hide. You can also order it online now.

If you want to take your game to the next level, you should wear them in our game. The ghillie suits come with proper padding to don’t go through any injuries in the game.

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Camo suits:

Camo suits are well known, and they also help to disguise a person in their surroundings. People tend to wear camo dresses to paintballing because it shows shooting, which involves them more in the game.

You can also wear a vest on your camouflage suits to feel like a soldier. These suits are specially designed for this game with appropriate padding and stuff. This padding and material will provide you with extra protection.


Pod packs:

Pod packs are used to carry extra paintballs. When you’re in a long game, you will need many paintballs. An average paintball gun can have two hundred paintballs, but it can only shoot them all in 10 seconds. So pod packs help you to take more paintballs in it.

The pod packs can either be vertical or horizontal. The vertical pod pads are worn vertically on the body, while the horizontal ones are worn horizontally. Vertical ones are easy to carry, but it is challenging to put pods back in them. While horizontal ones are better to handle, they increase your visibility by sticking out of the sides.

Pad protection:

Some people tend to wear pads on their knees, elbows, and hands. As paintballing includes lots of crawling, kneeling, rolling, and running, people wear pad protectors to keep their body parts safe.

Pad protectors also protect the body parts from getting any joint injury from getting shot by a paintball. It is especially recommended for people with less age as their skin is more sensitive than adults. Pad protectors are also worn in other games like cricket, football, etc. It makes sure that the person’s joints remain safe. And safety comes first, don’t be shy and wear everything you need to prevent yourself from any injury.

Pad Protection

Other items:

There are some other items you need to have when you go to play paintball. Like, you should have your paintball equipment, your water bottle for if you get dehydrated during the game. It would help if you had a bag where you could put your dirty clothes after playing.  It would be best if you had a towel for cleaning yourself and extra clothes to wear after the game ends.

Spare clothes:

It would be best to take spare clothes or a towel with you for a ride back home as your clothes will probably be filled with mud, dirt, and splatters of paint at the end of the game. So, you will have to change your clothes before going back.

Important clothing tips for paintballing:

There are a few clothing tips to remember when you’re playing paintball. All your basic requirements will be completed by following the clothing suggestions given above in the article, but further gathering the valuable tips will help you dress appropriately for the game.

1. Wear your clothes according to the weather:

The first and most important tip is to wear clothes according to the weather. If you dress inappropriately, it will not only stress you, but you’ll lag in the game as well. Here are a few tips you need to follow according to the weather.

Paintballing in summers:

If you live in a hot region or play paintball in the summers, then wearing thick material clothes and full-sleeved shirts is not easy. Getting all covered in the scorching hot sun is not easy. So here is what you should do for playing paintball in the summers.

Moisture absorbing clothes:

For playing paintball in the summer season, you should wear clothes that absorb moisture. For example, if you wear a simple cotton fabric t-shirt or lawn clothes. They will help to absorb moisture and sweat and keep your body temperature cool.

Play on shaded fields:

Don’t play directly under the sunlight but find the field that has shade in it. You can also play it indoors to prevent yourself from the exhausting heat outside.

Play on Shaded Fields

Take a break between the game:

Take long breaks during the game so that you don’t get exhausted while playing in the heat. Some people even faint due to heat so try to give rest to your body between the game.

Stay hydrated:

The most important thing to do while playing paintball in summers is to stay hydrated. Drink water in gaps between the game and before the game starts. It will keep your body hydrated. Otherwise, due to lots of sweating in summers, some people become dehydrated and faint.

Removable protective gear:

If you can not wear a full-sleeved shirt or pants in the summers while playing, you should wear removable protective gear. Wear your protective knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves on your t-shirt and shorts, and you will stay protected from any damage from crawling and rolling in the game.

Removable Protective Gear

Lightweight paintball gear:

In summers, you already lose lots of your energy in the form of sweat, and you get tired earlier. So, you should take paintball gear which is light in weight, so you don’t lose more of your energy just carrying the equipment. So, lightweight weight gear is recommended.

Know when to stop playing:

You should know when to stop playing because if you feel tired and dizzy and keep playing, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Health comes first, don’t get too excited about playing more games that you neglect your health.

Stay away from direct sunlight:

Try to stay away from direct sunlight, and don’t hide somewhere where you frequently contact sunlight. Keep your paintball equipment in the shade as well. As it’s made of metal mostly, and if it gets hot, it will be hard to hold it and play.

Wear sunscreen:

Wear sunscreen on your face and exposed body parts to prevent yourself from getting any sunburn. It’s always better to take precautions.

Light snacks:

Bring light snacks with you to keep providing your body energy in the scorching heat. Ensure that your snacks contain minimal salts, as the salt absorbs water, and we don’t need that. You can have a chocolate or something even when playing.

Paintballing in winters:

Paintballing in winters is easier than paintballing in summers. It’s because you stay fully covered in winters, and you don’t lose much of your energy. Still, it becomes a little uncomfortable to run and play when you’re too packed with clothes. So here are some suggestions for playing paintball in winter.

Warm dressing:

The first and the most basic rule for paintballing in winters is to dress warmly. You should always wear something beneath your sweatshirt or armor. It will help you keep warm and play better. The fabric you wear should be thick enough to prevent cold air or breeze from entering your body.

Face wrap:

You can wear a face wrap or shemagh to cover it. It will prevent you from getting cold.

Use antifog spray:

Use the antifog spray on your mask so that your visibility doesn’t get blocked by it. What is the purpose of playing when you can’t see through your mask correctly? You can not remove your cover during the game, but you can use antifog spray on it to prevent it from getting foggy and opaque.

Good quality winter paintballs:

You should use good quality winter paintballs in winters because simple paint might break in the barrels or have low accuracy.


Don’t forget to wear your gloves in winter and make sure that they are of wool. As they will not only protect your hands but also they’ll keep them warm. It is always hard to play with frozen hands.

Warm cap or a beanie:

Beanies and warm caps are so common in winters to wear them to your paintball game as well. They will not only keep your head warm but also protect it from any injury. You can also take the hood of your hoodie to cover your head.

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Warm Cap or Beanie

Warm socks:

Wear warm socks under your shoes to keep your feet warm.

Thermal paintball masks:

Some masks are customized explicitly for winters. There are thermal masks, and they don’t only protect your face but also keep it warm.

Paintballing during rainfall:

Rainfall can add a whole new level of fun, excitement, and adventure to the game. Some people may think it is not possible, but it can work out quite well if you take only a few precautions and tips.

A long brimmed hat:

Wear a long brimmed hat to shield your goggles. The vision could become a little blur if your goggles become all foggy or watery because of rainfall. The simplest way to avoid this from happening is to wear a long brimmed hat.

Long Brimmed Hat


You can use tape around your mask and goggles to prevent water from entering it. It is the simplest way to prevent water from entering your cover. You can either use a medicated tape or electrical tape. This action will save you from blurred vision and play better.

Hiking boots:

It is best to wear hiking boots in rainfall. They will keep your feet dry, and you will have excellent traction even in rains. Hiking boots are also useful in dealing with mud. If you wear them to the game, they will also prevent soil from entering and keep your mobility comfortable.

Light and tight clothes:

You should wear light and tight clothes on a rainy day to your game. Light clothes are recommended because even if you are drenched in the rain, light clothing burdens you a lot. And if they fit your body perfectly, you will not feel too heavy even after getting all watery in the rain. So, light and tight clothes are a way to go on a rainy day.

Extra clothes:

Keep extra clothes and shoes with you on a rainy day because you will get all wet, dirty, and muddy after the game ends. Keep a towel as well. And dry yourself entirely after the game to not get sick from all the rain.

Slower pace:

Prepare yourself for a slower pace, as on a rainy day, you won’t be able to run and jump like it’s on a sunny day. It will help if you run slowly, so you don’t slip. It will prevent you from making noise in the puddles as well and prevent you from getting caught.

Waterproof stuff:

You can also try wearing waterproof stuff. There are now shops that provide waterproof clothes, shoes, and now even masks and goggles. If you can wear them on a rainy day while playing paintball, then what’s better than that?

2. Wear dark colored clothes:

Another tip for choosing clothes for paintballing is to always go for dark and dull clothes. These clothes do not get very prominent in the game and help you to hide better. You can also choose to wear a camo suit, but if you’re wearing something from your wardrobe, go for the darkest clothes.

3. Wear additional padding:

If you are an amateur, then it is best to wear additional padding on your clothes. It will prevent you from getting hurt and getting injuries while playing paintball. Paintball involves crawling, running, rolling, and twisting. So if you have sensitive skin or are of an early age, you should wear additional padding on your clothes.

You can choose to wear elbow pads, knee pads, or wrist protectors and keep yourself safe. You can also wear a vest on your clothes to protect yourself. These additional pads will help to soften the blow from the paintballs and protect you from the ground’s harshness.

4. Avoid wearing valuable jewelry:

Try to avoid wearing anything valuable to the game because it involves running and crawling, so you might lose it. Girls often wear valuable necklaces and rings to the game, which is not a very good decision because there are a lot of chances that they may lose it. So girls should avoid wearing jewelry

And, boys tend to take their wallets and keys to the game. They should put them somewhere safe before the game starts and get it once it ends later. There are a fair number of chances to lose stuff during the game, so it is better to keep valuable things somewhere safe before the game starts.

5. No exposed body parts:

Ensure that there are no exposed body parts because your body parts are revealed in the game. There are many chances that they get some injury during the game. Paintballing involves a lot of crawling, sprinting, rolling, and running. And many events exposed body parts get hurt during it. So cover yourself adequately before entering the game.

If you wear short clothes, then you should cover yourself with removable pads to protect you. Knee pads, elbow pads, and shoulder pads, etc., help you stay safe in the game in short clothes. Even your head should be adequately covered because if a paintball hits your bare body part directly, it can cause a small bruise.

6. Go well prepared:

It would help if you went for paintballing well prepared. Your dressing should be appropriate and not only that, but you should also have all the other essential things with you when you go for paintballing. You should have a water bottle and some snacks with you. In case you feel low on energy, you could always feed yourself with a tiny snack.

Keep extra clothes with you so that you can change if you get too dirty during the game. You should wear your old clothes to the game because they’re likely to get dirty. And keep a towel and extra clothes with you so you can clean yourself and get into clean clothes before you go back to your home.

And make sure that you don’t use a glass cleaner to clean your lens and mask because they will remove any chemical or antifog materials from the cover. It will make your mask susceptible to the fog, and it will blur your vision. So clean it with just a silk fabric. And keep some cash with you in case you need to buy anything there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the appropriate clothing for paintball?

You are not required to purchase any specific gear; in fact, a baggy long sleeved tee and sweatpants will just do fine. You need to have stretchable gloves that ensure safety, combat boots or sneakers and a baseball cap for your head; a headband is recommended.

Remember, your attire, headwear and footwear should be such that it does not hinder your movement.

2. Are jeans convenient for paintball?

Yes they are, as long as they let you move freely; it’s your call really. But if you’re a beginner, then sweatpants are a better option.

3. Is wearing multiple layers for paintballing a good idea?

That depends on the weather and the surroundings i.e indoor or outdoor paintballing.

If it’s warm, then your body is definitely going to get overheated if you wear too many layers and will also increase immobility. Thus, wearing a layer or two is suitable.

4. What should i wear to cover my head?

Any of the following; a baseball cap, a beanie or a headband.


Wearing the right clothes for your game will not only ensure that you properly enjoy the game. But it will also conceal you from your opponents and increase your chances to win the game. The right kind of dressing will also boost your confidence in the game, and your performance will improve.

If you dress appropriately, your playing level will naturally step up because of the right kind of movements, which could be lagged because of the wrong outfit. So follow all the clothing instructions given in the article to have a fun-filled adventure in your paintball game.

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